About Us

Houdinis Cafe and Cucina has brought together a family of cooks who have worked in hospitality for over 30 years.....

Our Story


Growing up together in a loud Sicillian family,it was all about good food,home made wine , & good friends.  It was inevitable that our love for food was going to be a never ending journey of sharing this authentic cusine. My sister and I remember standing on wooden boxes stiring large pots, and at the sink washing home grown organic vegies that we had to help pick from our vegie garden and fruit trees.. Francesco was a little younger than us but that did not stop him from learning from a young age to bake biscuits and help prepare meals with his mum which is my aunt, Francesco had to set the table and help wash dishes , All this paid off because today he is known as one of the best hosts  around , a somelierwith knowledge of Italian cusine , good wines and fluent Italian language, he is loved by many . 

Our Restaurant